Method and Practice of Teaching Music

I have been very impressed with Nicola Benedetti's new series of videos about string playing, "With Nicky". So far she's tackled issues such as developing sound, and vibrato. Here's a link to her Back to Basics video in which she talks a lot about the use of the body.

Having come across some sketches of Peter Cropper of the Lindseys (and my violin teacher), I am sharing his A-Z of Chamber Music. Many words of wisdom and inspiration here.

The challenges I find myself facing as I work for the Scottish Certificate in Jazz may be explained a little by this fascinating research into the differences in the brains of jazz and classically trained pianists as they play the same piece.

Steve Zee's article in last month's Dance magazine has a lot of food for thought for music teachers too. Entitled Six Reasons Dance Training Makes Us Better Human Beings it brings into focus the task we have of setting up pupils to be able to practise effectively by themselves in between lessons. Motivation, understanding and self belief all matter, but this stresses the importance of simply doing the work. I like the last sentence:

"If you can't do it today, there's always next class and you are already on your way because you have begun."

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